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Heroes Unlimited Revised Second Edition

Heroes Unlimited Revised Second Edition

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 Heroes Unlimited Revised Second Edition

Virtually every type of hero imaginable, whether inspired by comic books, pulps, novels, film or television, is waiting to be created and played. The stuff of action-packed adventure!

- Over 100 super abilities, plus scores of sub-powers.
- Over 40 psionic powers.
- Over 100 magic spells, plus Enchanted Weapons and Objects.
- Robot and cyborg creation rules.
- Super-Vehicles, gimmicks and gizmos.
- Aliens, mutants, cyborgs, robots, martial artists, wizards, experiments, super-geniuses, vigilantes, and more, plus the optional Mega-Hero™.
- Skills, special abilities, fast playing combat, and more!
- Written by Kevin Siembieda.
- A complete role-playing game.
- 352 pulse-pounding pages.

Condition: Good+, soiling on fore page edges, front and back covers show edge wear and do not lay flat.

Condition: Used

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Author: Kevin Siembieda and Wayne Breaux Jr
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