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Mystic Masters (Super Hero Role Playing)

Mystic Masters (Super Hero Role Playing)

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Mystic Masters is a supplement to the Hero system that focuses on Magic and those who practice it.

Join the ranks of superheroic magicians in this spellbinding 112-page volume! Mystic Masters tells you how to create your own powerful master of mysticism! Only you and your powerful fellow players stand against a host of magical supervillains: the alien sorcerer Jarth, the Vandaleur family of wizards, and the indomitable Tyrannon the Conquerer! Inside you'll find campaign guidelines for designing other dimensions and developing your own comic book magic system.

Mythic Masters gives you a complete ready-to-run magical campaign with villans, magical items, and a pocket-dimension headquarters for your heroes. Learn "spell packages" like the Eleven lights of Luathon, and the Bountiful Bindings of Blyyat the Beneficent! Try out three complete adventures designed for magicians or traditional superheroes, plus ideas for many more senarios. Visit Earth's Archmage... foil an interdemensional conspiracy... and bring your characters back from The Domain of the Dead!

Condition: Good, scratching across back.

Condition: Good

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Author: Varney, Allen
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