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Nile Empire Sourcebook of Pulp Reality (TORG: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars)

Nile Empire Sourcebook of Pulp Reality (TORG: Roleplaying the Possibility Wars)

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The Nile Empire Sourcebook of Pulp Reality is a supplement to Torg the Possibility Wars where the impossible becomes reality before your eyes, and now an evil has come to Egypt in the form of Dr. Mobius. Unless he is stopped the earth as we know it is doomed.

Earth is transformed into a reality inspired by a madman's dreams ...

The Possibility Wars erupt in the Near Now of Earth's history, shattering our reality and changing the world into someplace else.

Egypt, along with much of North and Central Africa, has been invaded by Dr. Mobius, High Lord and Pharaoh of the new Empire of the Nile. A wave of change has washed across the dark continent, transforming the land like the floods of old. Egyptian gods have regained power in a world filled with lost artifacts and treasures hidden millennia ago.

The realm has fantastic high-tech devices constructed from 1930's pulp science fiction technology – ray guns, invisibility belts, s pace ships. The heritage of Ancient Egypt is mixed with cities full of gangsters, masked heroes, and hooded villains. Shocktroopers in ancient garb attack in WWII-style armoured columns. Nations topple before the might of Mobius.

You, the heroes known as Storm Knights, are Earth's only chance.

A Companion Volume to the Torg Roleplaying Game

The Nile Empire Sourcebook is part of Torg, an epic game of adventure, magic and altered reality. This volume describes the pulp realm of Dr. Mobius. It features source material on the new Empire of the Nile, its effect on Core Earth, as well as the insidious plans of the High Lord and his minions. Included is gamemaster material for incorporating this realm into Torg, new rules for skills, powers, magic and technological gizmos, and new character templates – powered heroes, hard-bitten detectives, weird scientists , priests of ancient Egyptian gods, and more.

Condition: Very Good, Light fading near top of fore edge.

Condition: Very Good

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Author: Winninger, Ray
West End Games

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