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RuneQuest Companion

RuneQuest Companion

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The RuneQuest Companion is the essential expansion supplement to the new RuneQuest series. While the main RuneQuest sourcebook deals with the core rules and their application, RuneQuest Companion goes several steps further in evoking the spirit and worlds of RuneQuest. Key areas that are examined are:

  • New versions of classic RuneQuest magic systems: Sorcery, Divine Magic and Enchanting.
  • Expanded character creation options, including new cultural backgrounds, skills and professions.
  • Background information on the activities of heroes between Quests, such as training, performing, crafting and thievery.

On top of these, there are comprehensive rules for water travel, creating and using superior items, encountering the spirit world, temples and their growth from trivial sites to mighty major temples (including four example temples). . . In short, the RuneQuest Companion provides a cornucopia of information invaluable to enhancing the RuneQuest game.


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